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“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

Mental Attitude: Peers and Parents Influence Teen Alcohol and Tobacco Use.

Among a sample of 2,490 German students, researchers found that peer smoking, peer drinking, and parental drinking were all associated with a 200% greater risk that a teen would experiment with and or regularly use cigarettes and alcohol.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, July 2015

Health Alert: Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Poses Danger to Kids.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes has led to an increase in cases of nicotine poisoning by young children. Experts say that a nicotine overdose can cause anxiety, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, loss of consciousness, or even death. To keep all sources of nicotine out of children's reach, the Food and Drug Administration proposes adding warning labels and child-resistant packaging to liquid nicotine products. Dr. Jonathan Foulds, a professor of public health sciences at Penn State College of Medicine adds, "Simply put, nicotine is a poison and consumers need to take responsibility for keeping it away from children, whether it is in a childproof container or not."
Penn State University, July 2015

Diet: Binge Eating Can Cause a Number of Health Problems.

Eating large amounts of food very quickly and having no control over this behavior is known as binge eating. Potential risks of binge eating include depression, increased stress, increased suicidal thoughts, difficulty sleeping, headaches, joint problems, digestive problems, muscle pain, weight gain, and issues with menstruation.
The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney, August 2015

Exercise: Many Free Fitness Apps Don’t Meet Recommended Guidelines.

If you are looking for a smartphone app to help improve your exercise regimen, it may be harder than you think. Researchers found that only one of thirty popular free fitness apps meets the majority of physical activity guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine. The top-rated app in the study was the Sworkit Lite Personal Workout Trainer App. The rating was based on evaluating adherence to specific medical guidelines regarding safety, warm-ups, cool–downs, stretching, intensity, frequency, and progression. Lead author Dr. François Modave writes, "While apps have great potential to give more people access to workouts that could help them achieve a healthy weight and fitness level, we found that the vast majority of apps are not as safe as they could be and do not give users the type of well-rounded workouts known to be most effective."
Journal of Medical Internet Research, July 2015

Chiropractic: Eye Surgeons Get Neck Pain Too!

Musculoskeletal injuries can affect workers in many industries, even skilled surgeons. A new study published in the journal Current Opinion in Ophthalmology notes that ophthalmic plastic surgeons are at a high risk for cervical musculoskeletal disorders due to the amount of time they spend working in awkward, prolonged, static, and asymmetric postures. Additionally, wearing equipment on the head such as head lamps and magnifying devices can increase the weight of the head up to 40%, placing extra strain on the neck. Because 10% of cervical injuries in the profession will end a career, the authors of the study recommend that ophthalmic plastic surgeons take neck pain seriously and seek professional help when needed.
Current Opinion in Ophthalmology, July 2015

Wellness/Prevention: Self-Monitoring of Blood Sugar Good for Diabetics.

A small study reveals that personalized blood sugar self-monitoring benefits individuals with type 2 diabetes, even if they’re not taking insulin. The study included eleven type 2 diabetics who were taught to react to their blood sugar level reading in a number of ways, such as eating a healthy snack or going for a walk. By testing their blood sugar levels twice a day and adapting their behavior accordingly, the participants were able to maintain healthier blood sugar levels.
American Association of Diabetes Educators, August 2015

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